1.8v SPI Flash Memory Adapter


1.8v Adapter to convert 3.3v or 5v logic down to 1.8v for low-voltage SPI Flash Memory.

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This adapter will enable you to read and write to any SPI Flash memory supported by your programmer that requires a 1.8v logic level. This will work with just about any universal programmer capable of reading and writing to SPI Flash Memory (including ch341a Programmers). With this adapter, you will be able to read the SPI Flash memory found in popular products such as the following:


  • MacBook SPI Flash Memory (i.e. T2 ROM)
  • iPhone SPI Flash Memory
  • iPad SPI Flash Memory



The 1.8v converter was designed for durability and longevity. It can safely convert any input signal voltage of up to 5.5v without issue. Quality components were used for the logic conversion to ensure accurate reads and writes. Stress test were performed for months prior to release to accommodate technicians with a heavy work volume.

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