Vizio E421VA EEPROM IC Chip


Replacement EEPROM IC for IC Location U418



Purchase this part if your Vizio E421VA has been diagnosed with one of the following problems:

  • TV turns on initially when plugged in, then has problems turning on after
  • TV turns on, them shuts off and goes back to an orange standby light
  • TV is stuck at the logo and not progressing any further
  • TV shows White Logo, but does not progress any further
  • TV only works sometimes when plugged in

**problems related to the backlight or no video/audio output are not normally fixed with an EEPROM replacement**

Part Number: CBPFTQACB5K047
Board Number(s): 715G3715-M01-000-004K, 715G3715-M02-000-004K, TQACB5K04701, TQACB5K04702, TQACB5K04703