Apple MacBook BIOS EFI Firmware Chip: Mid-2012 i5 A2178 EMC 2554


For A1278 13″ EMC 2554 MID 2012 i5 820-3115B


BRAND NEW EFI BIOS Chip for your MacBook Pro 2012. Original bios from a working MacBook Pro was used that has been cleaned and is ready for use with your MacBook. I can also program your serial# on the Chip upon request. Please make sure your model/mainboard number matches what is listed below:

  • EMC version: 2554
  • Mainboard: 820-3115B
  • Model: MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (Intel Core i5 2.5ghz)

Each Unit is tested before being packaged. This will assist those having problems with the following:

  • Bypass EFI/Boot Password Lock (NOT O/S Password Lock)
  • Fix Corrupt EFI BIOS